Job - Store Admin | Apple- California USA- Vacancy

Job Details:
Key Qualifications
Ability to effectively plan and organize tasks in a high volume environment
Ability to understand the business needs and create innovative solutions to support employee and customer experience
Ability to adapt to schedule changes and provide quick resolutions Must exhibit strong people skills - you're approachable and work well with others
As the Store Admin, you will support the Leadership Team by handling basic office administration tasks for the store, communicating any new processes or information to the team. You are an important liaison for partnerships outside of the store. You will be responsible for scheduling and managing team meetings, teleconferences and offsite events. You will help the Leadership Team manage incoming emails to the store inbox, as well as assist with zoning of team resources. You handle ordering store supplies and monitoring inventory to meet the team's needs. You are the key player to communicate all news or updates to the Store teams about upcoming events, new process or news.
Additional Requirements
Familiarity with Apple tools and programs is preferred. You have excellent time management skills and are self-motivated and driven to deliver in a timely manner. You'll need to be flexible with your schedule. ..More Details » [Apply]
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