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Job Details: 
The Position:
To provide pre-and post-sales clinical  support to Customers, Partners, and EarlySense Inc. employees. This position will primarily focus on training and ensuring optimal utilization of EarlySense's products. The Product Applications Specialist will be responsible for clinical implementation of the EarlySense System in customer locations as well as the ongoing activities required to maintain system functionality. Activities will be primarily localized to the Central Region of the United States; however, the Product Application Specialist will be called upon to assist with Customers and Partner activities throughout the United States.
Primary Responsibilities:
Collaborate with sites to collect  outcome data, case studies, and develop clinical initiatives to promote the overall use of the EarlySense System.
Provide product, clinical and technical training to customers and users.
Perform continuous hands-on training sessions and work with Customers' teams to leverage usage of the EarlySense system.
Support the installation, maintenance and additional support services on-site.
Collaborate with Support Services, Sales, Project Management and other EarlySense employees in order to provide required clinical support; perform implementation training planning and execution as well as communication with existing and potential client clinical and administrative staff.
Position Requirements:
Minimum of 3 years of experience in the  medical device industry or direct employment within a healthcare facility, particularly with a patient monitoring, clinical data management system, or similar system type of product platform.
Prior experience providing clinical support and/or training for medical devices is desirable.
Technical background and ability to troubleshoot technical issues is an advantage.
Ability to travel (at times up to 50%).
Required Skills:
Ability to learn EarlySense products and  their application to monitor continuous vital signs and motion detection for general care patients.
Professionally and effectively deliver training to clinical healthcare professionals.
Ability to work as part of a team.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree and/or equivalent  significant clinical experience and training ..More Details » [Apply] 
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