Job - Sabre Ticketing Officer | SKY FIRM TRAVELS-Abuja Nigeria- Vacancy

Job Details: 
Sky Firm Travels is seeking for qualified candidates to fill this vacant position of a Sabre Network Ticketing and Reservation Officer/Account Keeping.
This individual will be in charge of Ticketing  and Reservation, monitoring and collecting payment and balancing of the account.
*. Must have a great knowledge of Sabre GDS Network.
*.Must be smart, intelligent and out spoken.
*.Must have good communication in English Language and any other language.
*.Must be able to develop a Good marketing strategy.
*.Must be a good and fast learner.
*.Must have the qualities of a good term leader.
*.Must have good communication with client and co-workers.
*.Great knowledge of Microsoft especially Excel and PDF.
*.Ability to work under pressure.
*.Ability to calm down pressure between staffs and co-workers.
*.Must be able to work without supervision.
*.Must be able to work at any remote place even at odd hours.
*.Must be patient and accommodating. ..More Details » [Apply] 
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