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About the role
The delights of our Food Hall are now greater than ever, thanks to over 100 mouthwatering artisan and luxury foodstuffs sold at the Deli Counter. From fresh pasta and salads to cheeses and charcuterie, it's quite a choice. Good thing you'll be on hand to guide people through it all.
Customers will see you as a food expert because that's precisely what you are. You'll already be working in some kind of deli-style setting, and the type of fine food we sell is something you'll adore in your personal life too.
You'll be the type of person who lives it, breathes it, cooks it, savours it and thinks about it all day.
We'll help you learn even more about your passion as you get to grips with our delectable Deli range which includes ham hock terrine, Milano salami or freshly made pasta. Your love of our food will shine through in every way: how you talk about, prepare it and present it, how you keep the counter glamorous and gleaming and above all how you share your enthusiasm with every customer.
About you
As we've already mentioned, you'll need a deep passion for food, and a good knowledge of the type of food served in a typical deli or restaurant environment. That's not all there is to it though - the fact is, you'll need to be really good with customers too.
Passionate, articulate and friendly, you'll be well-versed in sharing your love of food with others, particularly as you'll have previous experience preparing and selling fresh food in a deli environment.
About the application process
If you're interested in joining the Deli Counter team, you'll need to complete an online assessment. This will involve a deli based knowledge test as well as a customer service based situational judgement questionnaire.
If you're successful, you'll take part in a face-to-face assessment made up of a further deli based knowledge test, interview with a Line Manager and a role play. ..More Details» [Apply] 
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