Web Developer - Front End | Esri, Redlands, CA, US

Job Details:
Are you a front end developer with a passion for building interactive and user friendly web interfaces for desktop and mobile devices? Be part of the team that creates the interfaces and web applications that allow millions of visitors each month to discover and use the power of Esri technology. In this role, you will implement new features and designs for web applications and websites including Esri.com. We work in a fast-paced environment, using agile methodology and lightweight SOA design patterns. We encourage innovation and expect developers to take a high level of ownership throughout the software and product life cycle.
Responsibilities *. Work with stakeholders and designers to create user friendly web experiences on Esri.com *. Build mobile- friendly web interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript *. Review and test all builds against modern browsers and mobile devices *. Manage versioning and deployment of application source code, including source control management, branching, tagging, etc. *. Assist in troubleshooting difficult technical issues *. Maintain existing site code with an eye for continuous automation and improvement
Requirements *. Three or more years of web development experience with multiple release cycles *. Proven expert web development skills, including cross-browser HTML, CSS, JavaScript *. Three or more years of experience creating scalable, high performance JavaScript web applications *. Bachelor's in computer science or a similar field, or equivalent work experience..
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