Special Needs Supervisor | Emirates Flight Catering- Dubai UAE

Job Details:
The jobholder is responsible for supervising and managing people with disabilities (PWD) in EKFC. This role serves as subject matter expert for issues related to recruiting, developing and performance of people with cognitive disabilities. This position will be conducting regular assessment for PWD and is an advocate for inclusion in EKFC, and in partnership with key HR functions seeks to develop this population and deliver value added services to both business and employee. Key Accountabilities *. Manage employees with special needs in various departments to ensure the smooth and efficient progress of the Special Needs Program. *. Physically monitor their performance in coordination with relevant stakeholders. *. Organize, develop and conduct formal counselling and coaching for Special Needs when required in accordance with EKFC standards. *. Provide guidance and coordinate training and development activities for employees with special needs to ensure their development. *. Drive change, influence transitions, and actively seek and contribute ideas and solutions for continuous improvement of the Special Needs Program. *. Provide opportunities for employees with special needs to discuss career planning and personal issues with a view to increasing job satisfaction and improving performance; *. Handle Special Needs grievances in coordination with relevant stakeholders. *. Contribute in the development of proposals, new programs and budgets for achieving EKFC's objectives for Special Needs program *. Maintain positive relationship, communicate frequently and clearly with parents, guardians, and care givers. Respond to parental requests for information or assistance in a timely fashion. Participate in the coordination of parental activities, including parent meetings..
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