Procurement Reporting & Business Performance Specialist | Vestas - Philippines

Job Details:
The Procurement Reporting and Business Performance Specialist will be accountable for the Procurement Systems administration and data management. In addition, the role will be accountable for developing and managing the implementation of the performance management framework to measure the performance of the overall Procurement operations as well as achieve the established service level requirements and Metrics for Procurement operations.
Responsibilities: *.Developing and maintaining templates to ensure appropriate tracking and monitoring of KPI's *.Creation, maintenance and visualization of the Procurement dashboard in SAP BI *.Coordinate key metrics and provides analysis and insights as well as comprehensive reporting and dashboards; Conducting analysis of data sets and derive fact-based recommendations *.Ability to follow up and secure corrections once KPIs are not met *.Identify opportunities where Procurement can add value to the process *.Perform root cause analysis and 5Why methodology, Pareto methodology *.Driving for continuous improvements by challenging the current state, optimizing process and utilizing the capabilities to secure high quality standards for procurement operations *.Be the point-of-contact for Procurement operations in order to fix potential operational issues and doing root causes analysis to ease the joint problem-solving for potential errors for the Procurement dashboard..
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