Marketing Manager | Global Pavilion Ltd-Chicago, IL US

Job Details:
Global Pavilion Ltd-Chicago, IL Reporting to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the Marketing Manager's primary responsibility is to manage the development and marketing of new products and current base brand products in close collaboration with customer service and the sales organization. This is achieved through the close teamwork of the department's product managers, digital marketing, creative, and research & development staff that report to the marketing manager.
The position requires a high-energy individual with forward looking expertise in digital marketing and innovation, and who is a leadership manager that utilizes management tenets of accountability and metrics to achieve results. The Marketing Manager is accountable for developing the marketing strategy that compliments the corporate product strategy and is well-driven by the customer. Knowing the customer's persona who buys our products allows Norix to position the appropriate marketing content so that it appeals to the customer's sweet spot...
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