Translator (Chinese and English) - FICO® Beijing City, China

Job Details:
This role will support all translation works to China company: 1. Translate required documents accurately within deadline. (Workload - 80%) 1) Company technical documents 2) Projects documents 3) Legal documents 4) Financial reports 5) Marketing brochures 6) Other translating and administrative work as needed 2. Interpret accurately and fluently at client meetings when required. (Workload -10%) 1) Travel to various locations as needed to provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for onsite meetings. 2) Facilitate business meetings and conferences as an interpreter. 3. Manage translation agencies in terms of translation quality and outsourcing cost. (Workload - 5%) 4. Build and maintain terminology database and document archives. (Workload - 5%)..
Skills & Experience *. Master degree in Translation, Linguistics, English Literature etc.. *. Minimum 5 years relevant working experience in MNC. *. Native speaker of Mandarin. Excellent command of written and spoken English. *. Knowledge of finance, IT, banking, insurance industry would be an asset. *. Excellent PC skills: a broad knowledge of E-mail, word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. *. Good coordination , organization and time management skills are desirable. *. Excellent communicati on skills and the ability to interact with all levels of internal personnel. *. High-motivat ed, detail- oriented. *. Team work spirit..
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