Data Scientist - Cognitive Computing | IBM Bangalore, India

Job Details:
Quantitative: Skills to analyze data, and interpret analysis results in business in terms. This includes logical thinking, reasoning, hypothesis formulation, evidence-based evaluation, quantitative approximation and intuitive cross- validation. Ability to create scientific models for solving business problems from first principles is mandatory. Solid background of school-level mathematics is an absolute imperative. Formal training in, or experiential learning of, statistical methods and techniques would be necessary..
It is required to have excellent programming skill in any one of the below languages, or good skills in any two languages from the following groups Object-Oriented: Java / C++ Procedural: Python / Perl / C/ Matlab / Octave / Fortran / Pascal Special Purpose: R / SAS / SPSS / Matlab / Octave / Rapid Miner / Weka / Mahout / Spark / LISP..
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