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Job Details:
Are you a Systems Engineer or Systems Administrator with strengths in both Windows and Linux? Do you enjoy working on large scale distributed systems or SAAS applications? Do you have a strong desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology? If the answer to these questions is YES, then the Systems team at Telogis wants to talk to you.
The Systems Team within Telogis is responsible for automating, designing and operating our software infrastructure and data center operations to provide a highly available, scalable hosting infrastructure with high performance. We are looking for Engineers who are proficient in all aspects of system administration and engineering to support and maintain global infrastructure services in our company. We own back-end systems that are used by all Telogis applications with technologies based in: Linux, Windows Server, NGINX, Mono, PostGres, IP networking and analysis.
You will be responsible for supporting highly available systems for all Telogis applications. This includes monitoring, maintenance, incident response, and scaling. You must be comfortable taking initiative, operating at a global scale, and working across teams in an agile environment. You should be somebody who enjoys working on solving problems, is customer- centric, and feels strongly not only about operations but also about running systems and software in the real world. You must enjoy a close-knit team environment of shared responsibility. The ideal candidate will have strong distributed systems and Unix/Linux design, Windows Server administration and implementation experience. Our engineers are level-headed, top-notch performers who demonstrate composure, love working as a team, and proactively take the lead whenever necessary.
You will be expected to deliver on these kinds of things in the first six to twelve months on the job:
• Run and maintain a 24x7 Internet-oriented production environment, preferably across multiple data centers, involving (preferably) at least hundreds of machines.
• Demonstrate expertise around specifying, designing, and/or implementing system health, performance monitoring tools, and software management tools
• Tackle the challenges surrounding efficient operations and failure mode analysis in large complex distributed systems.
• Through participation in all phases of the development of a large distributed system, provide hardware, manageability, operability and performance perspectives on all aspects of Service Catalog and potentially its dependencies.
• Define and/or refine requirements and selected designs, balancing raw up-front dollar cost with operability and TCO, from the data center infrastructure up specify and participate in the development and delivery of operability-related features such as system health monitoring, diagnostics, repair, and other self-healing automation.
• Adapt and improve operations management systems and processes to accommodate rapid and increasing growth in systems and traffic....
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