Sr Director, Transfer Pricing | Gartner Stamford, CT, US

Job Details:
Tax leader responsible for creating and ensuring Company execution against transfer pricing policies and for building key stakeholders' awareness of and alignment with Gartner's global Transfer Policy program.
*. Responsible for development and implementati on of TP strategy and policy -- in response to company growth and TP legislative changes.
*. Will manage transfer pricing documentati on and disclosures.
*. Will manage transfer pricing controversy (audits and litigation)
*. Ensure utilization of transfer pricing best practices
*. Assist in Tax Planning and M&A projects as needed.
*. Proactive planning with focus on value creation/pro tection and risk mitigation, including education of key stakeholders
*. Must be able to build a technically solid and sustainable TP team, by developing the skill sets of existing members and recommendi ng changes to roles and processes as needed...
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