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Job Details:
The job of Special Education Assistant was established for the purpose/s of providing support to the instructional program within assigned classroom with specific responsibility for assisting in the supervision, care and instruction of special needs and at-risk students in the regular classroom or in a self-contained classroom; assisting in implementing plans or interventions /strategies for instruction; monitoring student behavior during non-classroo m time; and providing information to appropriate school personnel.
This job reports to Principal
Essential Functions
• Adapts classroom activities, assignments and/or materials, under the direction of the supervising teacher, for the purpose of supporting and reinforcing classroom objectives.
• Administers tests, homework, make-up work, etc. for the purpose of supporting teachers in the classroom.
• Assists mainstream, medically fragile, physically disabled students (e.g. bathroom, change clothes, change diapers, feeding students, grooming, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining students' personal hygiene.
• Communicate s with supervising instructional staff, and/or professional support personnel for the purpose of assisting in evaluating progress and/or implementing IEP objectives.
• Implements behavioral plans for students, under the supervision of administrativ e staff or assigned certificated staff for the purpose of presenting and/or reinforcing documented objectives.
• Maintains instructional materials and/or manual and electronic files/records for the purpose of ensuring availability of items; providing written reference; and/or meeting mandated requirements.
• Monitors students during assigned periods within a variety of school environments (e.g. rest rooms, playgrounds, hallways, bus loading zones, cafeteria, parking lots, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment.
• Provides under the supervision of assigned administrator or certified staff, instruction to students in a variety of individual and group activities (e.g. academic subjects, social skills, daily living skills, etc.) for the purpose of reinforcing instructional objectives; implementing IEP plans; and ensuring students success in school.
• Reports observations and incidents relating to specific students (e.g. academic progress, accidents, fights, inappropriate social behavior, violations of rules, safety conditions, etc.) for the purpose of communicatin g information to appropriate certified and/or administrativ e personnel.
• Responds to emergency situations (e.g. injured student, fights, safety drills, etc.) for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution...
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