Software Engineering Manager - Android Kernel | Intel Corporation Bengaluru, India

Job Details:
You will be working as part of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre (OTC). OTC is home to the core of Intel's open source development efforts. We have a long track record of contributing to and sponsoring a wide variety of open source projects, from the Linux kernel to the visualization stack to large overarching projects like ClearLinux and Yocto. We are also Intel's leading organization for Android on IA, Android Kernel, Drivers, Optimization and System Integration. OTC is part of SSG (Software and Services Group). OTC is a leader in open source software with a mission to define and deliver product-quality open source software and technology innovation that unlocks the potential of Intel hardware and creates software business opportunities.
Your Primary responsiblities will include, but not limited to:
*. Manages a team of software professional s including but not limited to engineers, architects, technical writers and technical consultants who are responsible for delivering results over many areas of the software lifecycle: design, developing, debugging, validating, and optimization, customer engagement and product support.
*. This might include systems software, drivers, high performance computing, development tools, enterprise applications, consumer applications or user interfaces. May also be required to provide architectural and technical guidance, and ensure that sound engineering practices are followed.
*. Provides direction and goals to the group and interacts with stakeholders both internal and external.
Desired Skills and Experience
*. Qualification s Include:
10+ years related experience including:
- Demonstrate d ability to define and bring innovative software and systems projects to market
- Deep domain expertise in mobile and IoT software operating systems specifically Android
- Experienced in mobile and IoT customer segments and channel is critical
- A robust understandi ng of customer usage cases, deployment architectures , and pain points.
- Solid understandi ng of how to formulate business plans, product management processes, perform competitive analysis, feature/funct ion prioritization and assessment
- Proven teamwork and people management skills; excellent interpersona l, written and oral communicati on skills
- Business focus with strong technical background; well-develop ed analytical skills; excellent project management skills
- Strong presence, dynamic communicat or and strong interpersona l skills
- Strong hands on digital, on-line and social media knowledge/s kills
- Team player, collaborative
- Demonstrate d ability to lead and inspire a team
- Innovative, out of the box thinker
- Passionate customer advocacy
- A BS or equivalent degree in a technical discipline is highly desirable..
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