Software Engineer | ServerLogic Corporation Seattle, Washington

Job Details:
Looking for an energetic software engineer to join our client's software development team. Someone with a passion for software development, who desires to become a technical leader in our organization. Our client is an Agile/XP shop with a strong commitment to excellence, shared code ownership, customer interaction and TDD. You will have the opportunity to work with multiple software projects, ranging from complex cloud computing systems and web and desktop user interfaces, to algorithmic calculations and supercomputer- scale distributed computing. This is a full-time, direct hire position located in downtown Seattle.
Qualifications & Skills
*. Expert C#/.NET developer experienced with current .NET language features
*. Experience using JSON, Rhino or other JavaScript frameworks
*. Some experience with Castle Windsor, Ninject, Autofac or other open source .NET frameworks
*. Experience using an open source unit testing framework like NUnit
*. Experience in using one or more cloud computing platforms like AWS or Azure
*. Solid grounding in computer science fundamental s, including algorithms and data structure s
*. Familiar with SOLID object- oriented programmin g and design concepts
*. Some knowledge of the underpinnin gs of .NET in order to develop efficient and maintainable code
*. Comfortable in an XP/Agile team development environment
*. Comfortable with collective code ownership in a diverse development environment
*. Strong communicati on skills; confident, supportive, and flexible, with a passion for software engineering
*. Strong math, insurance industry, finance, or actuarial knowledge a plus..
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