Shift Supervisor (Producing) | Krispy Kreme Clarksville, TN, US

Job Details:
Overview of Position:
Shift SupervisorBP-is responsible for overseeing the entire shift and ensuring that all operations run smoothly & efficiently in a Retail, Retail with Routes and Heritage store.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
*.Overseeing the proper performance of all store activities
*.Training employees and ensuring that employees are working efficiently and effectively
*.Maintaining adequate staff in retail and production positions
*.Performing retail tasks as needed
*.Performing production tasks as needed, if applicable to store type
*.Ensuring customers are being cared for properly
*.Ensure Production Specialists understand production schedule for the day, if applicable to store type
*.Accessing the store's safe and getting change as necessary
*.Ensure Krispy Kreme security & cash handling standards and procedures are met and enforced
*.Locking doors and closing at night
*.Conduct store tours
*.Knowledgeable of Krispy Kreme history, product & current promotions
*.Model exceptional customer service skills for employees
*.Promote customer service oriented atmosphere in store
*.Fill customer orders accurately and quickly, including products, condiments, and change
*.Handle difficult customer situations professionally
*.Maintain a pleasant and courteous demeanor
*.Exhibit suggested selling behaviors such as: second dozens, up-selling other products, and up-selling in sizes
*.Knowledge and ability to execute all store functions
*.Answer telephone in a timely manner and utilize Krispy Kreme greeting procedures
*.Other duties as assignedEquipment Operation
*.Operate the POS system per standards identified in the Krispy Kreme Retail Specialist Workbook
*.Operate other retail equipment, e.g. coffee and soda machines, in the proper manner
*.Operate drive-thru equipment (POS and headsets) so as to achieve an average drive-thru time of 30-45 seconds or less
*.Operate processing equipment while adhering to the company product standards identified in the Krispy Kreme Processing Specialist Workbook
*.Ensure batteries are charged for drive-thru equipment
Safety and Sanitation
*.Maintain a clean, neat uniform at all times and ensure employees are also adhering to uniform standards
*.Handle products per procedures identified in the Sales Specialist Employee Training Manual
*.Utilize proper cleaning techniques as identified in the Sales Specialist Employee Training Manual
*.Comply with sanitation standards
Related Skills
*.Complete a processing schedule as needed
*.Must be able to perform all essential store functions
*.Act as a team player through the standards identified in the Krispy Kreme Training Workbooks
*.Assist in training and development of Team Members..
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