SEO Executive | Play Your Sport New Delhi, India

Job Details:
1. Maintenance of Play Your Sport’s Websites and CMS platforms: Overseeing the performance and content on existing website, managing the blogs and free resources, involves working with multiple CMS platforms, such as WordPress. To enhance the online presence of Play Your Sport and our products and services through our Web properties.
2. Search Engine Marketing: Creation, execution and analysis of all search engine marketing (Google AdWords) campaigns for Play Your Sport’s content and main website. To promote our content through optimized and effective online marketing campaigns on Google AdWords.
3. Search Engine Optimization: Improve Website rankings for our website on Google and othersearch engines through up-to- date SEO techniques. To enhance the position of Play Your Sport’s on Google and major search engines on organic search.
4. Social Media Marketing: Creation and execution of all social media campaigns to increase the follower base on major social media platforms, such as Google+,YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc. To enhance Play Your Sport’s brand and promote our content.
5. Paid ads on Social Media: Planning, creating, executing and reporting all social media paid campaigns..
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