Senior Content Editor | Zalando SE Berlin

Job Details:
*.As a Senior Editor you’ll create and manage the content of the website, the app and other publications as assigned
*.You'll lead a team of between 12 - 15 editors, and you will coach and develop them
*.You'll liaise with multiple stakeholders on various projects and have touch points with multiple departments both within Brand Marketing and Tech
*.You’ll have budget responsibility for your department and take part in approving travel costs etc
*.You’ll be responsible for the coordination of your teams workflow and identifying who will work on what projects
*.You’ll research and coordinate content ideas and provide editorial quality control for the publications.
*.You’ll report directly to the Editor in Chief and oversee all aspects of the publication
*.You’ll generate article ideas
*.You’ll create innovative content for a huge audience
*.You have a Bachelor's degree in journalism, publishing, communications or a related field
*.You have led a large team for at least 2 years, which includes both functional and disciplinary leadership
*.You’ve got 3 to­ 5 years experience in publishing with specific experience in reporting, writing and editing
*.You have a background in fashion and have previously worked within the fashion industry
*.You have excellent project management skills and are familiar with agile working environments
*.You’ve got a strong command of the English language, German language skills are a big plus
*.You have an eye for fashion and a unique sense of style
*.You have the ability to work well on your own, as well as in a team setting
*.You can juggle multiple projects
*.You’re highly flexible and highly comfortable with change
*.You’re a multitasking wizard with a keen eye for detail
*.You’re eager to learn and motivated to succeed..
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