Program Assistant, IDEA Program, Apple Valley MN | Intermediate School District 917 Apple Valley, MN, US

Job Details:
Duties include:
*. Assisting the teacher in providing instruction and managing student educational programs.
*. Implementing charting and other behavior management techniques to ensure student progress.
*. Supervising and assisting students during lunch, arrival and departure from school and other daily events.
*. Willingness to work with students receiving special education services.
*. Must be highly qualified--either by providing transcripts showing 60 completed semester college credits (or 2 years of full-time college), or passing score on the Parapro Assessment.
*. Willingness to complete training in Professional Crisis Management (CPI) and implement restrictive procedures.
*. Ability to obtain PCA certification from the Department of Human Services.
*. Ability to work as a team member with staff, parents, and community.
*. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds weight and up to adult- size body weight with two-to-three- person lift.
*. Ability to support a student's full body weight up to adult size.
*. Ability to tolerate sudden jarring movement, frequent bending and leaning.
SALARY: Per current contract agreement
DAYS & HOURS: Follows school calendar as assigned, 7 hours per day.
Intermediate School District 917 is an Equal Opportunity Employer..
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