Production Operator II | CoorsTek, Inc. Oak Ridge, TN, US

Job Details:
Position Summary:Responsible for the production of high quality ceramic, metallic, and non-metallic products.
Essential Functions:
*.Required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times.
*.Has attained qualified status on multiple machines concurrently in assigned area underlimitedsupervision, such as the following: CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Hone, Bandsaw, Surface Grinders, Chamfer Grinder, Radius Grinder, Swing-arm Drill Press, various Mechanical Presses, Universal Grinders, Manual Lathes, ISO Press, Lap Machine, Double-headed Lap Machine, Polish Machine, Tumbler Machine, Sandblaster, Pressure Caster, Injection Molding Machine, Blanchard, Manual Mill, Wash Line, Manual Drill Press, CNC EDM, Vertical Mills, Ultrasonic Mill, Centerless Grinder, ID Grinder, Thumping Machine, Microblast Machine, and Slicing Machine.
*.May perform basic machine adjustments, if necessary (off-sets, dressing wheels, setting tapers).
*.May read and interpret drawings and blueprints to determine machine set-up and production methods.
*.May visually or mechanically inspect parts for defects (cracks, chips, dimension, surface finish, etc) as part of in-process inspection; records results and notifies lead/supervisor of deviation as appropriate. May use one of more of the following for measuring and inspection: Tape Measure, various types of Micrometers and Calipers, Profilometer, Height Gauge, Optical Comparator, and Coordinate Measuring Machine.
*.Understands and meets or exceeds quality standards; seeks to minimize reject rate.
*.May be required to perform some simple machine preventative maintenance functions.
*.Keeps machines clean; notifies supervisor or maintenance when machine abnormalities occur.
*.May use the manufacturing computer system for basic departmental functions, such as entering part transfers and scrap; reports any discrepancies to lead or supervisor.
*.May be required to interpret basic control charts and simple capability studies within Statistical Process Control (SPC).
*.Willingly accepts responsibility of sharing skills and knowledge with other employees. May train other employees as required.
*.Participates in continuous improvement efforts, supporting and implementing new ideas.
*.Maintains good attendance and punctuality and an acceptable level of performance.
*.Follows approved electronic work instructions; follows established department procedures, which may be found in electronic or paper form. Incumbent must be capable of finding and referencing work instructions when asked.
Other Responsibilities:
*.Knows and follows all safety requirements, including emergency evacuation; strives to maintain a safe work environment and reports potential hazards to lead or supervisor...
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