Operator | AkzoNobel Duluth, GA, US

Job Details:
Machine operator includes entry level operator who are being trained in one or more of the plant processes, and material handlers who are primarily responsible for packing finish product in bags & boxes and supervised contractors who are not trained to operate plant processes. Production Manager, based on plant needs as well as the individual’s skills and level of training determine progression through various job functions.
*.All site personnel must work in a manner that protects the safety and health of themselves and their fellow workers and exhibit care for the environment. All personnel have responsibilities in the following area:
*.Organizing daily operation involved in production areas: Perform quality analysis and packaging, maintain detail production/maintenance records, and input production information into MES along with analysis.
*.Perform safety observations.
*.Perform daily safety and maintenance checks.
*.Maintain excellent housekeep inside production room and on equipment.
*.Complete all necessary training qualification.
*.Participate in ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Program being developed by Expancel, Inc. On time incident reporting and investigation in AkzoNobel systems,
*.i.e. Airsweb.
*.Troubleshoot/Resolve equipment malfunctions in the production area.
*.Participate in routine maintenance on equipment based on software.
*.Maintain safe standards during work practices.
*.Perform daily job responsibility in SAP & MES.
*.Practice workplace safety (LSR).
*.Maintain/Record accurate QC analysis data and retain samples.
*.Understands the site emergency plan and can act accordingly.
*.Completion of time sheet.
*.Use of P&DD.
*.Understanding of customers’ needs.
*.Quality control including performing lab tests and packaging finish product.
*.Basic maintenance and housekeeping.
*.High School diploma or GED required.
*.Be willing to develop and support company policies, procedures and initiatives.
*.Be a reliable and committed employee
*.Recognize and complete tasks before they are assigned.
*.To be self-motivated and thorough with assigned work.
*.Ability to work as part of a team and good interpersonal skills.
*.Basic literary skills.
*.Basic mathematical skills.
*.Basic computer skills in Microsoft applications...
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