Networking & Knowledge Management Specialist | SABIC Saudi Arabia

Job Details:
Job Purpose & Responsibilities:
• Drive Manufacturing corporate knowledge development, and transfer through identification of knowledge gaps and facilitate knowledge transfer through collaboration of networks. Create and steward the channels and procedures for networking, knowledge transfer (internal/external), and communication at a Global scale to cover all SABIC global sites.
• Develop and maintain Global Network structures, systems and enablers to ensure effective networking with optimal value generation through networks for key focus areas.
• Facilitate and administer network operation for key networks. Publicize existing networks, keep list of networks up to date, and evaluate accomplishments in area of control.
• Develop knowledge transfer culture programs in SABIC, organize and manage campaigns, and promote knowledge sharing at SABIC affiliates globally.
• Ensure that knowledge gaps are identified in each region and coordinate efforts between affiliates and Global manufacturing functions to optimize knowledge distribution.
Bachelor of Science Degree or equivalent with 15-20 year’s experience in social Networking & Knowledge Management..
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