Marketing Intern | Glovo App Paris, France

Job Details:
Marketing & Communications is one of the most impactful departments at Glovo: you will be directly working on educating, creating and demonstrating the value that Glovo has for the user. We envision the Marketing Intern to be one of the guarantees in ensuring our success in Paris. We are looking for a candidate highly motivated, problem solver, with interpersonal abilities and with a focus on attention to detail, who can find creative solutions to complex problems. The marketing department really is the centre of Glovo's success: in making it grow.
*. Planning of the growth of Glovo Paris, in both communicati ons on the customer and Glover side.
*. Define strategies and creative activities to make Glovo organically grow in Paris.
*. Analysis & strategy of acquisition and engagement metrics, for Glover and customers.
*. Managing Customer Service team in collaboration with Glovo HQ.
*. Collaborate with Glovo’s HQ to create best practices, shared problems and solutions.
*. Get stuck in – when there is a problem, you will find a way to fix it
*. Report directly to Paris City Manager and have regular communciati on with Marketing HQ.
*. Help out in whatever may be need for the best of Glovo's success.
*. Expect to work long hours under pressure!
*. Coursing or having finished a degree in top-tier university.
*. Problem solver, data-driven with an analytical approach
*. Creative mindset to solve local problems with local solutions
*. Great interpersona l and leadership skills – you will be one of the leaders in the glovers community.
*. Determined to get things done: no job is too big or too small
*. Comfortable working in a high growth and high performance start-up with fast pace
*. Excellent communicati on skills both oral and verbal in French and English.
*. Strong skills in Office, especially in Excel.
*. Market internship reimbursem ent
*. Free Glovo credits
*. The opportunity to change the world and see how everyone uses the product you build
*. Work in an international, dynamic and passionate environment with a great company culture, and grow from the bottom- up inside the team...
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