Industrial Engineering Manager | Allied Reliability Group Dublin, VA, US

Job Details:
The purpose of this job is to direct and manage the activities of industrial and liaison engineers to successfully contribute to the achievement of the Plant's Business Plan and global targets as set forth each year.
Lead a team of Industrial Engineers and Senior Industrial Engineers to achieve desired results as determined by Industrial Engineering Leadership. Produce favourable results that support production process(s).
*.Define, engineer and implement efficient and reliable IndustrialEngineeringprocessesfor existing andnew product that guarantee consistent quality output
*.Define efficient assignment of Industrial and LiaisonEngineeringresourcesto support production, off line and methods tab activities on a routine basis as well as during specific project activities
*.Providethrough the industrial and liaison engineering functions the technical supportneeded toassemblea quality unit (technical drawings and interpretation, tools and fixtures, liaison to engineering group when form/fit/function are not acceptable)
*.Secure product change introduction and new product introduction through the team's involvement in coordination of methods build activities and assisting with implementation of DCNs,PMRs,and QJs
*.Secureproper work station layout through the team's understanding and implementation of Lean Manufacturing and principles including but not limited to tooling needs, part presentation, material line fade, ergonomic principles
*.Develop accuratemanninglevels for various production ratesutilizingindustrial engineering linebalancetechniques such as StandardsPro and Leanline based on standard times developed using accepted industrial engineering practices
*.Identify capital improvement projects and coordinate with other disciplines (finance, maintenance,production) to justify funding to implement improvements
*.Developa professional team of engineers through providing/assisting/coordinating the necessary trainingfor new employees
*.Provide personal development for employees utilizing the PBP process, discussions on training activities,involvement in project activities
*.Provide succession planningbypreparingindividualsfor future advancement opportunities through the use of the PDP process, mentoringactivities,providingcareerenhancingtraining activitiesandopportunitiesto act in leadership capacity
*. BachelorsDegree in Industrial Engineering and minimum five years of experience in manufacturing/industrial engineering
*.BachelorsDegree in other discipline plus tenyearsof experience in Manufacturing/Industrial engineering...
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