Head of IT Security | Digicel Group Jamaica

Job Details:
This is a newly created position that will lead and oversee the area of IT security within Digicel, globally. The role liaises with business leaders in the overall delivery of secure IT products and services, and infrastructure. The main stakeholders are the Group IT Directors (and their teams) in both the Caribbean/Latin America and South Pacific, and the role holder will also be working closely with the IT team in the local markets, liaising with Senior Managers and other stakeholders including rest of the security management team.
This role oversees all aspects of IT security on behalf of the business, including meeting all demand management requirements; developing processes both internally and externally to enable the business to function in a secure fashion. You will also be managing a team of skilled professionals comprising both employees and contractors.
The broader scope of the role will entail:
*. Managing the design and deployment of IT security solutions to protect Digicel assets, co-ordinate & align in conjunction with Group leveraging 'economy of scale'
*.Supporting Group and local market initiatives as required
*.Helping and co-ordinating the development of employees skill sets and providing support for motivation of staff, including the communication of company key objectives
*.Working closely with peer Heads in Group Security
1. Work with stakeholders
*.Manage relationship and engage with main stakeholders in Group Technology IT, and main Regional hub markets
*.Coordinate IT security delivery management to the whole business
*.Engage with other key customers in each market
*.Develop key work streams with group functions
*.Engage and inform CTO/CSO when required on Security issues
*.Report into IT Director management team
2. Perform resource planning
*.Build and grow a highly skilled team
*.Develop and maintain a team structure
*.Provide input to staff personal development and mentoring
*.Develop and maintain regional interworking processes
*.Ensure that communications & reporting are effective to key stakeholders
*.Communicate company key objectives
3. Deliver IT security and demand management programs
*.Oversee and deliver a secure strategic IT infrastructure and upgrade path
*.Design internal process for demand management
*.Liaise with demand strategy to continually improve process to business
*.Deliver risk analysis on identified programmes
*.Assist with developing risk tools and process
*.Ensure compliance in all required areas
*.Liaise with Group Security heads on global workstreams
*.Underpin IT security deliverables
4. Raise security awareness
*.Develop and deliver security awareness strategy amongst the IT teams..
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