Food Clerk - Front End Service (SWY) | Safeway Pullman, WA, US

Job Details:
As a Cashier - Checker, you must have a desire to work with the public and to provide first-class customer service. To truly be successful in the position, the individual needs to be thoughtful and passionate about his or her work. In this role you are the face of the Company and whether scanning the product or bagging the groceries you have an opportunity to leave a lasting impression with our valued customers.
• Provide high-quality customer service in accordance with our Company’s customer service standards and policies and procedures.
• Greet customers and provide friendly, courteous and efficient customer checkout service.
• Handle groceries of varying weights.
• Scanning merchandise by lifting and sliding products across the scanner. Scanning products may require turning the product so that the bar code is facing the scanner.
• Remove items from top and bottom of grocery cart when needed to assist customers
• Enter produce and other codes into the register
• Request price checks, as needed.
• Weigh produce or other products by placing them on the scale built into the counter.
• Operate electronic scanning cash register to total customers’ final bill.
• Learn and remember produce and other codes which must be entered manually
• Receive payment for customer purchases and count back correct change when cash purchase is made.
• Learn and follow all applicable company policies and procedures regarding discounts, coupons, refunds, cash-handling, employee purchase and all other transactions handled at the register
• Bag groceries, ensuring contents are not damaged.
• Maintain a clean and safe work area including check stand area (belt and glass) as well as straightening up end cap display areas near check stand.
• Count and reconcile cash and coupons in cash register drawer at beginning and end of every shift.
• Replace stock in display areas near checkout area as needed
• Adhere to uniform and grooming policy as defined within company policy.
The following describes the general qualifications and physical, sensory and mental abilities normally associated with performing the essential functions of this position:**
• Demonstrated prior customer service or related experience
• Knowledge of products, product pricing and store layout
• Successful completion of company Cashier-Checker training course.
• Ability to use basic math skills
• Ability to operate the Company’s cash register
• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to understand and follow instructions, and ability to read, retain and comprehend guidelines, policies and procedures applicable to the position

• Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment..
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