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Job Details:
LabAnswer is hiring for our entry-level Laboratory Informatics Associate Training Program in Orlando, Florida. The training program is the springboard to a career as a Consultant at LabAnswer.
Laboratory Informatics Associates who complete our in-house training program will be taught how to be a Consultant qualified to lead and manage key portions of projects, using specialized and expert informatics knowledge to identify client needs and provide value- added solutions. Trainees, upon successful completion of the Laboratory Informatics Training Program, will be capable of working as part of a team, or independently of other LabAnswer resources to plan, execute, coordinate and manage the delivery of several tasks and deliverables, comprising one or more work streams (i.e., project management, configuration, validation, data management, etc.). Our Laboratory Informatics Training Program will teach the SDLC, LabAnswer methodologies, and LabAnswer’s standard proprietary toolsets.
This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your career with us. As an Associate of you will receive full support, training and guidance with opportunity for career development and advancement. You will join an established, stable team with an excellent reputation within their specialist field. You will be part of a collaborative work-culture where teamwork is valued and rewarded. You will be an afforded an opportunity to gain experience, grow and transform, while working on projects with our clients that have transformational outcomes, improve lives and make with world a better place.
Educational Requirements
*. Bachelor Degree in either Laboratory Science or Computer Science (e.g., Chemistry, Biochemistry , Biotechnolog y, Biology, Microbiology ) PLUS experience or training in one of the following programmin g languages: C, C++ C#, PHP, Perl, VB.NET, Objective C, Python, Java, Pascal
*. OR
*. Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Management Information Systems PLUS you have successfully completed a college level laboratory science course (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, etc.)
Minimum Requirements / Qualifications
*. Valid driver’s license
*. Ability to interact on a professional level
*. Ability to work collaborate with internal and external teams
*. Ability to apply analytical and proactive thinking
*. Ability to assume responsibilit y for their own actions
*. Organized with ability to prioritize work load and work under pressure
*. Drive and commitment to achieve results
*. Drive for self-develop ment, personal growth and continuous improvemen t
*. Good verbal and written communicati on skills
*. Excellent listening and interpersona l skills
*. Customer focused
*. Business professional appearance..
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