Elementary Literacy Tutor | Minnesota Reading Corps Minneapolis, MN, US

Job Details:
Work one-on-one with students in kindergarten through third grade who need extra support learning to read. Tutors work with the same students in 20-minute sessions every day during school hours, using a variety of scripted Minnesota Reading Corps strategies, called interventions.
With younger students, tutors help build early literacy skills, such as letter sounds and names, and word blending. For older students, tutors select reading passages and follow intervention scripts to practice fluency skills.
*.Conduct quick and easy literacy assessments, and enter the student data into an online data system. Tutors will use this data to monitor student progress, plan, and set goals.
*.Maintain confidentiality of all student data
*.Provide opportunities for families to get involved in their child’s education by sharing Reading Corps literacy activities to do at home
*.Attend 3 days of mandatory training prior to service with students, plus additional required training sessions throughout the year. Tutors will receive the consistent support of an onsite coach. Some travel may be necessary to attend training.
*.Participate in site-sponsored activities such as book fairs and family nights
*.While the majority of service hours are completed onsite during school hours, most tutors engage in additional community service, which may take place during evening and weekend hours.
*.Strong interest in education, specifically in helping elementary students develop their literacy skills
*.Dedication to community service and abilityto commit to 11 months of service
*.Basic computer skills, including the ability to navigate online systems and email
*.Attention to detail
*.Organized, responsible, flexible, motivated, and professional
*.Ability to accept and incorporate constructive feedback from coaches and program staff
*.Excellent time management and decision-making skills
*.Ability to work with diverse personalities and adapt to the school environment
*.Strong personal standards of excellence, ethics, and integrity
Eligibility Requirements
*.Ability to speak, read, and write English fluently
*.Age 18 or older by the program start date
*.Possess a high school diploma or a GED by the program start date
*.Citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States..
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