Digital Marketing Strategist | 360degrees˚ Lagos, Nigeria

Job Details:
We are looking for an experienced Digital marketing strategist to join our team. You will help to us use web technologies to achieve our business growth goals for the brands we work with . You should be creative and tech-savvy, always on the look out for new trends in the digital space. You should have a strategic mindset that enables you to utilize minimums to get maximum results.
*.Set digital marketing strategies using all necessary tools (e.g. website, emails, social media and blogs)
*.Research products, services and current strategies to identify new opportunities
*.Analyze web traffic metrics and suggest solutions to boost web presence
*.Monitor SEO/SEM, marketing and sales performance metrics to forecast trends
*.Build strong brand relationships through social media interaction
*.Keep up-to-date with audience’s preferences and proactively suggest new campaign
*.Identify digital marketing needs for sales growth
*.Establish best practices in digital marketing
*.Stay up-to-date with digital technologies developments
*.Proven work experience as a Digital marketing strategist or Digital marketing executive
*.Demonstrable experience with SEO/SEM and CRM software
*.Experience implementing and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns
*.Solid knowledge of web analytics tools like Google Analytics
*.Hands on experience with online marketing tools and practices
*.Familiarity with web design and HTML
*.Excellent verbal and written communication skills
*.Strong analytical and project management skills..
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