Data Center Operations Engineer | ROBLOX San Mateo, California

Job Details:
ROBLOX is creating the future of entertainment. Every month over 12 million people come to ROBLOX to imagine, play, learn and create. The ROBLOX Imagination Platform™ supports over 120 million hours of engagement each month, more time than is spent on Pinterest, Reddit or Wikipedia (Comscore 9/2015). At peak times ROBLOX hosts more than 500,000 concurrent participants.
Our mission is to become the leading family platform for Immersive Social 3D experiences. We call this the Imagination Platform™. We believe the market space for immersive social 3D will ultimately support a company and brand on par with some of the great family brands of today in parallel domains, including Disney, LEGO and Pixar.
Our infrastructure management system is highly automated, enabling engineers to interact with thousands of servers across multiple environments in parallel via the command line. Our application space includes database scalability, caching, message queuing, wide-table search, recommendations, user ratings, services for mobile devices, gaming cloud management, and virtualization. We live in both the cloud and traditional data center environments.
Join the ROBLOX data center team and help us grow our footprint globally. We manage tens of thousands of physical and virtual servers worldwide across data centers we both own and lease. We are currently expanding into Europe and soon Asia.
*. Maintain uptime SLA’s for a 24/7/365 production environment
*.Triage, troubleshoot, and solve production issues caused by failures in hardware, configuration, networking, vendor outages, and continuous software upgrades
*.Quickly resolve complex problems encountered during the installation and operation of our applications, to ensure negligible impact on players and internal operations
*.Maintain and upgrade bios, drivers, and OS specification for all vendor hardware
*.Prioritize and multitask daily responsibilities, while being flexible enough to respond to emergent high-priority issues
*.Assist in implementing disaster recovery procedures and system failover efforts
*.Collect, document and help manage vendor-related services
*.Manage systems and develop contingency plans
*.Participate in on-call rotations
Must Have
*. 10 years of experience in production data center support and management
*.Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science, or equivalent work experience
*.Experience working in a physical data center, installing and maintaining hardware
*.Extensive knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems
*.Extensive knowledge of core networking technologies, routers, switches firewall and load balancers, with demonstrable knowledge of either Juniper or Cisco equipment
*.Ability to size hardware and capacity plan equipment and data centers..
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