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Job Details:
The Business Information Modeler is responsible for transforming business information into logical data models and managing the enterprise data model. The emphasis on this position is the “modeling of the business” that is required for a successful data warehouse. This goes beyond the role of a typical application level “data modeler” in that it requires modeling from an enterprise perspective rather than from a single business function perspective. The Business Information Modeler is proficient in industry standard techniques for process modeling and data modeling. Within data modeling, the Business Information Modeler must be proficient in 3rd normal form relational modeling. Dimensional modeling experience would be a strong added value for online analytical processing. A Business Information Modeler understands semantic modeling requirements and concepts, and when working with associated Teradata Consultants, can design and document semantic models that are required for specific applications. This role must be experienced in group facilitation with participants from diverse business functions and work skills. The Business Information Modeler may be the Project Tech Lead on a project.
Key Areas of Responsibility
*. Design and normalize the logical data model to third normal form.
*. Facilitate the discovery of entities, attributes, relationships, and business rules from the functional experts and the user community.
*. Prepare fully refined data models in accordance with the guidelines/convent ions of Integration DEFinition (IDEF) or equivalent methodology.
*. Develop and manage data models and associated metadata for the enterprise.
*. Work with all related consultants to design and document semantic models.
*. Work with consultants to translate LDMs and Semantic Models into their physical representations.
*. Work with ETL consultants to map source system data to Teradata physical models.
*. Maintain and publish project business rules and the associated enterprise data dictionary.
*. Work with all Teradata Solutions including Teradata, Aster Data, Hadoop, and Applications...
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