Cyber Security SME | ManTech International Corporation Jersey City, NJ, US

Job Details:
Job Duties and Responsibilities
Help prepare documentation related to the design, engineering, deployment, operation, and maintenance of the following cyber security-related tools (software and hardware):
• Advance Persistent Threat (APT);
• Security Information Event Manager (SIEM);
• Visual Security Information Event Manager (Visual SIEM);
• Forensic tools;
• Governance, Risk and Compliance software and interfaces;
• IT Asset Management;
• IT Vulnerability Inventory, Prioritization, & Scanning;
• Processes and Procedures;
• System / Tool Evaluation and Enhancements;
• Industrial Control System Remediation
• Such documents will include, but not be limited to, the following: concepts of operations; design plans; deployment plans; operational plans; maintenance plans; training plans; etc.
• B. Support the actual design, engineering, deployment, operation, and maintenance of the foregoing tools. Tasks will include, but not be limited to, reviewing the Authority’s technical infrastructure to support these tools, and reviewing configurations and upgrades necessary to implement and maintain them.
• C. Help standardize security deployment and operating procedures with respect to the use of these tools. Tasks will include, but not be limited to, developing and delivering staff training on the use of these tools, developing incident-reporting procedures, and updating relevant documentation.
• D. Review and analyze marketplace technology to help develop the Cyber Security Program.
• E. Help staff in various departments identify systems according to the classifications issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST).
• F. Help manage and track activities related to the above efforts to ensure that its use of technologies – and its policies, processes, and procedures – comply with the NIST standards and guidelines.
• G. Help track and coordinate activities related to the Cyber Security Program to ensure that its industrial control systems comply with NIST security practices.
• H. Help organize and consolidate risk assessments on different technologies used, to help determine and prioritize remediation plans.
• I. Help draft policies and procedures related to cyber security.
J. Help develop and collect metrics for determining the status of initiatives
Please note that the work hours for this position is 7 am - 4 pm.
QualificationsRequires Bachelor’s degree (in Computer Science, Engineering, Economics or Math) or equivalent, and ten to twelve years of related (telecommunication analysis) experience.
Additional QualificationsBachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Electronic Engineering, Information Technology or Information Systems Management, Security Technology Management..
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