Corporate Security Investigator | TD Mount Laurel , New Jersey

Job Details:
The Corporate Security Investigator is responsible for the investigation of both internal and external fraud and acting on findings as appropriate.
Job Requirements· Works independently but receives assistance/coaching from senior levels.
· May represent the company at court appearances, and other bank functions requiring the presence of security.
· Assists with processing court orders (subpoenas) related to criminal and civil actions.
· Initiates investigations and/or responds to emergencies such as robberies, burglaries, and bomb threats.
· Assists and coordinates bank robbery investigations with various law enforcement agencies.
· May investigate workplace violence, misuse of position, forced balancing and any other occurrence involving possible violations
of law.
· May prepare and deliver fraud detection/loss prevention training or updates to bank Employees and approved outside agencies
as assigned by the Manager.
· Prepares detailed Fraud Alerts and Weekly Updates to help prevent losses associated with known trends.
· May analyze compromised accounts and determine point of compromise, other commonalities among victims and their
accounts, and the potential of Employee misconduct/involvement.
· Pursues the recovery of losses resulting from fraud, theft and embezzlement.
· Prepares and enhances communication with stores, RMM/ROOs and other lines of business regarding local frauds and other
sensitive issues that impact their operations.
· May assist the Physical Security Team in ensuring the physical security of Employees and Customers while on company
· Assists in mentoring other Employees in the Security Department and bank.
· May examine number of cases assigned, recoveries, denied claims, arrests made, cross reference cases generated, cases closed with law enforcement and SARs filed.
· May conduct Customer, suspect, and witness interviews.
· Assists Customers in resolving issues related to fraud.
· Ensures Customers are properly reimbursed when necessary...
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