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Job Details:
We are seeking a consultant (or team of consultants) to carry out a mid-term review of the Talent Development Project. Talent Development is one of 14 projects funded by the Disasters and Emergences Preparedness Programme, an initiative which was developed by the Start Network, CDAC and DFID.
The aim of the project
Disaster victims are directly affected by the speed and quality of the assistance they receive, and outcomes are critically linked to the capacity and capability of responders. The Talent Development Project aims to strengthen the capacity of national staff at all levels (from entry positions through to senior management) in 4-5 conflict- and disaster-affected countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Jordan and Bangladesh, plus mid-level training only in DRC). By ensuring local staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to understand and address the needs of the most vulnerable, we aim to dramatically improve their efficiency and increase their impact on the ground. The programmes under this project are long-term Learning and Development (L&D) programmes which reflect adult learning principles and include a variety of methodologies (face-to-face training, simulations, individual work, distance learning, coaching, project and group work), and were developed and tested over several years prior to this project. All three programmes – entry-level, mid-level and senior-level training – are being offered to a wide range of organisations (INGOs, local NGOs and government departments) and the budgets for all three programmes have been built to ensure affordability or subsidies for small local NGOs.
At this point in the project, the above- mentioned programmes have been set up as planned in the five project countries, and a number of cohorts have completed each programme. So far 330 people have completed the programmes in total (15 entry-level trainees, 221 mid-level Context participants and 94 on the Leadership for Humanitarians programme). 281 people are currently mid-way through a programme (73 entry-level trainees, 186 mid-level Context participants and 22 on the Leadership for Humanitarians programme). More intakes of all three programmes will be delivered before the end of the project in October 2017. At this stage we are seeking to understand the effectiveness of these programmes: how their design and implementation impact on the individuals’ competencies and behaviours/practice, both immediately after the programme and in the longer term.
We are looking for a consultant(s) with specific prior experience of humanitarian capacity-building programmes and the use of core competencies to determine effectiveness.
Applicants should have:
At least 5 years’ experience in the humanitaria n sector, with experience in monitoring and evaluation, research and/or participatory reviews..
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