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Job Details:
Position: Chief Financial Officer
Line Manager: Group CEO
Job Description
*.Are you someone who is regarded as a whiz, a super hero with figures and calculations? Do you easily interpret financial data and make sound forecasts - smell the rain from miles away.
*.Are you so strict on enforcing controls and compliance you sometimes come across as being ‘pinchpenny’ A Financial and Accounting guru that has what it takes to run the finance of a multi-billion dollar company, making sound financial decisions that has the power to affect Investors funds? We want you and if you have what it takes to build a multi-billion dollar company, we so so want you…!!!
Position Purpose
*.To oversee all project finance, accounting, forecasting, budgeting, Audit, Tax, corporate Insurance and investor -related functions with Venture Garden Nigeria and all its Entities; directs all financial activities and advises and assists the CEO and management team in meeting or exceeding the overall financial and strategic objectives of the Company.
Key Responsibilities
Strategy Function:
*.The CFO plays a key strategic role in developing, monitoring and evaluating overall corporate strategy with the CEO or MD and leaders of the various business units (entities) with emphasis on bottom line performance, working capital and enhancing shareholder value.
*.This position will provide useful financial insights to help make better decisions about formulating and executing strategy.
*.The CFO will interact effectively with other subsidiaries in the group; He establishes himself and is viewed as a trusted business advisor by merchandisers, not just the CEO or MD.
*.Critical outcomes include supporting the executive team with key financial information and operational analytics, and driving a culture of accountability in managing the business, adding value to operating businesses and voicing well-substantiated dissenting opinions.
He performs his strategic function by fulfilling the following essential duties and responsibilities:
*. Conducts meaningful proactive analysis to improve key business decisions focusing on management of working capital
*.Manages the accounting, finance, and investor relations departments
*.Ensures efficient capital expenditures and minimizes taxes
*.He defines the financial strategy
*.He plays an integral part in formulating strategy, challenging and assessing strategy, monitoring for risks, investment, rates of return and assessing the competitive landscape.
*.He assists in formulating the company’s future direction and supporting tactical initiatives
*.Monitors and directs the implementation of strategic business plans, financial and tax strategies..
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