Central Hydro Carbon Accounting Specialist - ITSO | Shell Bangalore

Job Details:
The HCA specialist supports the Produce hydrocarbon Central OLM (Operations Landscape Manager) is accountable to The Upstream Produce Global OLM for delivery of expected business outcomes from the Produce hydrocarbon & smart solutions IM/IT service bundles supplied to operations in Europe, SSA, MENA & Russia.
• Supports the HCA OLM representative in the Central time zone facing the customer to identify business demand and, new developments and feedback.
• The management of actual application and infrastructure support and delivery [e.g. Assist Desk, Joint Venture, 2nd, 3rd line support] for Upstream Produce hydrocarbon landscapes for all incident and problem related activities, even when part of the execution is in the Delivery Vertical or Common Services.
• Supports Engagement with the relevant ITSO and Business Vertical/Common Services organizations to understand the Performance of the landscape, the progress on structural improvements and Return to Green plans.
• Supports the relevant ITSO and Business Vertical organizations business input on prioritization, escalations, required service improvements and new demand.
It is likely that the HCA specialist will take direct accountability for a limited set of assets in the Central portfolio.
For all Produce hydrocarbon IM/IT service bundles along with their related business outcomes supplied to operations in in Europe, SSA, MENA & Russia. - The HCA specialist will support the Produce hydrocarbon central OLM (Operations Landscape Manager) and :
• Be end-to-end responsible for the Operate Landscape lifecycle.
• Support business facing review with the Business Interface (BI)
• Track Landscape SLA’s
• Assure continuous improvement to landscape scope, working with the IM/IT and Delivery Verticals to enable innovation.
• Be responsible for the execution/deployment of releases and approval of changes for their landscapes.
• Be end to end responsible for Incident and Problem related application support activities (break-fix), even when part of the execution is in the Delivery Vertical or Enterprise Services
• Be responsible for delegated Transition to Support for specific landscapes.
• Be Responsible for Enterprise Service Management KPI’s for their landscapes.
• Assure Configuration Management Database integrity for their landscapes
Special challenges:
• The OLM and associated Landscape specialist are relatively new roles within the Organization driving a Landscape focus instead of a horizontal component focus (vertical vs. horizontal), the success of this role is highly dependent on the relationships built with Component Landscape Managers (CLMs) and the Business Vertical & Common Services Delivery Managers to ensure successful landscape service performance...
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