Bakery Clerk (SWY) | Safeway Centennial, US

Job Details:
• Provide high-quality customer service in accordance with Safeway’s customer service standards and policies and procedures.
• Maintain cleanliness of bakery area of the store. Includes cleaning display cases, work surfaces, and preparing and straightening up bakery display areas.
• Maintain area and conduct business in accordance with all federal, state and local food safety and employee safety regulations and guidelines and company policy.
• Inform customers about bakery products and services, provide samples, and promote sales within department.
• Take bakery orders over telephone or in person.
• Operate electronic cash register, receive final payment from customer (cash or credit/debit card) and accurately make proper change.
• Replace stock in bakery area as needed.
• Move trays of bakery goods from preparation area to display area.
• Monitor bakery area to locate expired or nearly expired bakery goods for markdown or throwaway.
• Use various sales reports to identify sales opportunities. Uses intercom to communicate sale items.
• Use price labeling machine and place price sticker on packaged item.
• Adhere to uniform and grooming policy as defined within company policy.
The following describes the general qualifications and physical, sensory and mental abilities normally associated with performing the essential job functions of this position:**
• Ability to operate bread slicer and other required equipment to prepare goods for sale
• Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience
• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to understand and follow instructions, and ability to read, retain and comprehend product labels and price tags, guidelines, policies and procedures applicable to the position
• Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to work independently as well as within a large team
• Self-motivated and driven to increase knowledge of Safeway products and share that knowledge with Safeway
• Ability to provide regular and predictable attendance. (Safeway employees may be scheduled to work early
mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays, and schedules may vary on a weekly basis)
• Ability to comply with workplace conduct standards
The following attempts to communicate the traditional physical demands associated with this position:**
Seldom: 1-2 hours, Occasional: 3-4 hours, Frequent: 5-6 hours, Continuous: 7+ hours (Based on an 8 hour work day.)
• Squat/Kneel: Seldom
• Bend/Stoop: Occasional
• Lift/Carry: Frequent 1-10 lbs./Carry, Occasional 11-35 lbs.
• Push/Pull: Seldom, 1-20 lbs.
• Twist/Turn: Occasional
• Grip/Grasp: Continuous
• Reach: Frequent, 1-30 lbs., Seldom, 1-20 lbs...
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