Vehicle Coms Networks Specialist | Millbank West Midlands, UK

Job Details:
The Network System Specialist will develop Network communications and Diagnostic strategy for AML vehicles.
Duties/Responsibilit ies
*. To lead the technical direction, specification and delivery of vehicle communicati on systems such as CAN,
*. LIN and Flexray.
*. Define requirement s and judge supplier technical capability to deliver the systems on current/futur e projects.
*. Monitor technical progress and delivery against project milestones that ensure robust delivery to AML Product
*. Creation System requirement s for all ECU’s and the whole vehicle network.
*. Be the lead technical authority within Aston Martin on these systems.
*. Responsible for all Specification and testing authoring.
*. Manage Budgets for all Licensing products for vehicle networks (NOS).
*. Manage all network testing/simul ation tools.
*. Responsible for the overall vehicle network sign-off and compliance of all ECU’s.
*. Manage vehicle network toplogy diagram within the EE integartio team.
*. Set priorities and control the day to day activities of direct reports.
*. The post holder will undertake other duties as may be required to achieve the Company’s objectives,
*. commensura te with the grading of the post.
Essential Experience
*. Bachelors of Science in Electrical / Electronics, Electrical Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science.
*. Minimum 5+ years of experience of vehicle networking.
*. Minimum 5+ years of CAN experience.
*. Wide knowledge of all vehicle electrical systems.
*. Extensive knowledge of DBC and FIBEX Automotive standards for serial data/commu nication level.
*. Extensive experience of managing technical delivery through Tier 1 suppliers.
*. In depth working knowledge of complex real time operating systems.
*. Experience Authoring technical documentati on (specificatio ns, Procedures, references).
*. Extensive knowledge of Autosar architecture.
*. Extensive knowledge of E2E communicati on protection.
*. Expert in the development and application of vehicle communicati on systems
*. Ability to capture requirement s and define the layout of a complex electrical systems
*. Excellent analytical skills to enable technical decisions to be made on the best route / system selection.
*. Embeded software Experience
*. Ability to communicat e written and verbal requirement s to others
*. Strong organisation skills to allow priority setting to own team members and other stakeholders FMEA Practitioner
*. Familiar with Automotive SPICE, CMM or other software development process models
*. Proficient in the use of Network tools including (CANoe, CAPL scripting, Data Loggers).
*. Expert in the make up of vehicle Network Operating Systems (NOS), NM, COM, TP, SWDL layer and Diagnostic kernals.
*. Ability to work for short periods of time at other locations such as supplier visits...
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