System Administrator | Sysgen NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines

Job Details:
*.Keeping the Linux and Windows Servers healthy, secured and up to date in the following environments;
*.Support to both IMC and Regional Offices Servers;
*.Ensuring that backup jobs are run on a daily basis and as specified in the backup policy;
*.Management and administration of Linux (Red Hat) servers;
*.Management and administration of servers on Windows 2003 and later version;
*.Management and administration of Active Directory;
*.Administration of Storage Area Networks (SAN) from IBM and HP;
*.Management and administration of IBM Blade Servers;
*.Management and administration of Backup Solution (IBM TSM);
*.Liaise with Network Engineering team to resolve System and Network related issues;
*.Helping with infrastructure design and development;
*.Managing system access;
*.Implementing security policies and procedures;
*.Designing maintenance procedures and putting them into operation;
*.Ensuring that servers meet user requirements;
*.Liaising with Developers, Applications/Operational Staff, IT Project managers and other technical staff;
*.Managing server/operating system security/integrity and backup procedures;
*.Implementing physical and logical security measures;
*.Writing reports, documentation and operating manuals;
*.Testing and modifying server configuration to ensure that they operate reliably;
*.Providing user training, support and feedback;
*.Writing disaster recovery plans;
*.Archiving of data as specified in the company’s archiving policy.
*.Participate in trouble shooting and issue management on a daily basis;
*.Participate in Business Continuity Planning...
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