SmartStyle Salon Manager | Regis Corporation Appleton, WI, US

Job Details:
The Salon Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of salon operations. The Salon Manager is directly responsible for achieving sales goals through exceptional customer service, marketing the salon, sales growth and cost control. Specifically, the Salon Manager is expected to:
• Market the salon and grow the business
• Provide exceptional customer service
• Manage and control expenses
• Lead and develop a team
• Complete required administrative tasks
As a Salon Manager, you will be held accountable for the operation of your salon in these key areas. Successful performance will be measured by the financial results of your salon. Always represent yourself and the company positively and protect the company’s interests and assets.
• Ability to work a minimum of 35 hours per week on a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends. Occasional overtime may be required.
• Valid current cosmetology license, to include a manager license as required by local (or state/provincial) cosmetology regulation. Position may require the stylist to work alone in the salon.
• Ability to work in a dynamic salon environment.
• Good time management skills, good judgment, and the ability to multi-task.
• Strong leadership qualities, motivated and respected; with a demonstrated ability to supervise and coach.
• Well-developed interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with subordinates, peers, supervisors and clients.
• Ability to read, digest and analyze various reports, including but not limited to various sales reports, time reports and loss prevention reports.
• Mathematical skills to accurately compute and complete required functions.
• Computer knowledge including, but not limited to, point-of-sale system.
Essential Functions:
1. Market the salon and grow the business
a) Utilize existing business building tools and programs to increase sales, increase customer count and retain customers;
b) Meet or exceed minimum productivity requirements as established by the company;
c) Promote and sell services and products, including recommending and selling additional services and/or retail products which will enhance and improve the customer’s image and/or contribute to the customer’s satisfaction with services performed;
d) Coordinate promotional sales displays as directed by the Company using the ShopTalk;
e) Develop and maintain local business relationships.
f) Maintain professional appearance and a positive attitude.
2. Provide exceptional customer service
a) Understand the needs of customers; handle and resolve customer service issues to maintain customer loyalty;
b) Conduct quality consultations by suggesting hairstyles according to physical features of the customer, current styles, or from the customer’s instructions;..
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