Senior Sales Manager | First Point Group Nigeria

Job Details:
Job description :
1. Responsible for the sales of IT product/ser vice in Nigeria Banking Industry.
*. Responsible for customer relationship management .
*. Realize the target of sales, marketing and revenue reorganizati on.
*. Responsible for the establishmen t and improvemen t of Brand influence of Huawei and product/solu tions.
*Job requirements :
1. At least 6 years experience of IT sales in financial industry, familiar with the products as storage, server, router and switch, and IT services, etc, the senior and abundant resources of customer will be highly preferred.
*. Experience of working in OEM(e.g, Cisco/Juniper /EMC/IBM /HP) or working in the local influential integrators( e.g Weco/ Dimension data.etc)
*. Conduct effective and profound customer relationship management and support the project operations.
*. Communicat e and coordinate the effective channels/ partners for joint project management and support the sales in the financial market.
*. Proactive and effective style and could suffer the pressure and more involvement of working.
Employment type
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