Senior Investigator | Standard Chartered Bank Lagos, Nigeria

Job Details:
1. To manage the conduct of appropriate investigations in order to minimise financial losses, reputation and regulatory risks, operational risk events involving criminal conduct, dishonesty or deliberate breaches of policies or regulations.
2. To help and promote, lead and manage, throughout the Business, the culture and practice of Compliance Investigations risk management within the letter and spirit of relevant Laws and Regulations and all Group standards relating to Compliance.
1. Well developed investigation capabilities. Conduct investigations and provide assistance as required to Group Compliance Investigations. Conduct investigations in line with the Group standards for investigations in the country / region including escalation, case management, data capture, evidence management, electronic evidence review, reporting, interviewing and attending before internal disciplinary panels as required.
2. Support senior management of Compliance Investigations in the management and promotion of Speaking Up in country with assistance from the Regional Compliance Investigations teams. Speaking Up cases received directly in country must be updated in Enterprise Investigation Management System (“EIM”).
3. Stakeholder management to ensure appropriate senior management are kept informed of relevant investigative developments.
4. As required, investigate data leakage cases, and with Group Information Security assist in promoting awareness of the importance of confidentiality of bank information.
5. Relationship management of other investigative units within the bank to ensure the effective and efficient use of investigative resources.
6. Relationship management with law enforcement. Attending court cases where required. Coordination of business to provide a response to local production orders, court orders, request for information from regulators or law enforcement agencies.
7. Monitor developments in financial crime and misconduct including internal trends.
8. As required, co-ordinate with GIA, Business and Operational Risk regarding investigation related findings to ensure adequate oversight and tracking of remediation.
9. Co-ordination with Country Compliance to ensure adequate oversight and tracking of remediation of investigations related regulatory findings.
10. Maintain relationships with relevant vendors in the region so that external specialist support is available when required.
11. Provide investigation related information to appropriate Country / Regional Committees and attend as required.
12. As required, assist Country FCC and/or Compliance in the management of Anti-Bribery investigations in country.
13. As required assist in responding to a search warrant, subpoena or documentary production order relating to an employee being served on the Bank...
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