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Job Details:
Job Summary:
Sr. Account Director is responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of a project to the client’s satisfaction and within agreed scope and timelines. Also, manage several high-level client relationships, oversee multiple projects simultaneously and look for opportunities to expand existing relationships.
Primary Responsibilities:
Intake, Ideation and Planning
Deep understanding of the clients business, brand and category in which they compete.
Understand the client goals and needs and clearly articulate the objectives of the initiative.
Oversees all briefs on account, and writes them for larger and high-profile assignments.
Strategic involvement, able to develop a brief that is compelling and that inspires and identifies a clear outcome along with how success will be measured.
Assemble and brief the team and facilitate ideation, always looking for ideas that are big and offer the greatest impact on the clients business.
Review project and creative briefs to ensure overall strategic direction in on-target.
Develop case studies on clients’ business
Able to independently conduct research and ramp-up on a client’s business including: key strategic objectives, business growth drivers, competitive threats and possible innovations
Able to review a client roadmap or business plan and understand how Sapient can provide value and support the client during each stage
Issue and Risk Management
Supports Project Management in analyzing the key issues and risks in the program and assess business impact
Drive effective communication of issues and risks to the client when relevant to the senior clients
Set project quality and performance standards. Assess and manage risk within, and across, multiple projects
Deep understanding of contracting and controls relative to quarter close. Ability to navigate conversations with senior business client and senior procurement to detect when negotiation is underway and involve senior account leadership to consider position/leverage and preparation
Responsible for ensuring that the forecast for their portfolio of business is clean and updated in a timely manner
Responsible for a thorough understanding of and the up to date maintenance of the P&L for their portfolio of business
Effective and Favourable Negotiations: Proficient in navigating quarter close risk on contracts and cash
Able to develop multiple risk mitigation options for a particular problem and understands the account impact, client impact and financial impact of each option
Able to lead without authority and to guide the various domains towards a common goal over the course of the project.
Able to identify when the project teams are facing a challenge and step-in to mediate disputes within the team or to provide guidance as needed..
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