Sales Director | Azizi Developments United Arab Emirates

Job Details:
*. Achieve targets set by the company in relation to legal completions (units sold), average selling price, sales selling overhead
*.Prepare market research and competitor analysis with continual updates.
*.Define Target Markets and develop applicable pricing models.
*.Design relevant sales strategy.
*.Define Target Markets.
*.Develop applicable pricing models
*.Liaison with customer service in order to enhance the reputation of the company, increase profitability and to achieve customer satisfaction.
*.Negotiate sales transactions and promote mortgage arrangements for all sales, ensuring that Independent Financial Advice is available.
*.Appropriate reporting to the Regional Sales Director / Cluster Director on all aspects of Sales
*.Make a demonstrable contribution towards the company’s program of continuous improvement.
*.Ensure the sales team is fully resourced and well-directed, with clear guidelines to their own job responsibilities, and are provided with full support in achieving these, in terms of communication, training and development, and the organization of the department’s workload.
*.Liaise with the Corporate Marketing and Communications and PR team.
*.Promote and act in accordance with company values, systems, policies and procedures.
*. Recruit and train staff.
*.Manage sales administration process – including cooperation with the legal department
*.Manage sales collection process – including cooperation with the finance department.
*.Report to the Executive Board when required.
The role will require a highly successful and target orientated Real Estate Developments Sales professional with flair and personality. Main requirements are as mentioned below:
*. Bachelor's degree in Business studies, management or relevant field in MBA will be preferred.
*.Proven track record in similar role or at the level of Senior Sales Manager not less than 6 years in the region
*.Good awareness of IT systems and CRM.
*.Five or more years of experience in residential sales preferably in mixed use, phased and multi-unit projects.
*.Experience of managing budgets/cost control, and planning, prioritizing and organizing work to meet targets.
*.Self-confident, decisive, resilient and able to thrive under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
*.A lateral and innovative thinker, an original problem-solver.
*.Specialist knowledge of sales techniques, research and analysis.
*.Ability to manage budgets and control costs and gather interpret and make best use of data to increase sales.
*.Self –disciplined with excellent time management skills and flexible in order to achieve results..
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