Quality Systems Analyst | DeKalb Medical North Decatur, GA, US

Job Details:
The Quality Analyst is responsible for assisting in the formulation of data requirements incorporating regulations and coding guidelines and understanding data in the context of process and workflow. The successful candidate will be expected to mine data, perform data analysis, and represent data in an optimal manner. This role also facilitates the understanding and use of data to optimize processes in order to enhance outcomes. They will ensure that quality is consistent with the DeKalb Regional Health System’s overall Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan.
1.Accurately aggregate and analyze data for quality metrics and key performance indicators, including performance improvement projects; prepares control charts, graphs and reports
2.Analyze and interpret data, extract relevance and formulate recommendations for process improvement
3.Assist with development and implementation of scorecards, dashboards, measurements and process improvement plans to align to patient safety and strategic goals
4.Present data to teams and committees to enhance understanding of organization performance and support prioritization of improvement efforts.
1.Maintains integrity of data, data systems, projects requiring data warehousing and mining to ensure timely, relevant, accurate and consistent information use
2.Provides oversight and assists in improving the quality of data and information as appropriate including audit of data collections process
3.Generate data queries based on validation checks or errors and omissions identified during data entry, improving inconsistencies and inefficiencies in processes, recommending solutions
4.Participates in continuous quality improvement activities and teams
5.Participates in supporting the organization’s vision, mission and values and adheres to DeKalb Medical Standards of Behavior
6.Performs other duties as assigned to meet the goals and objectives of DeKalb Medical
Minimum Education, Experience and Licensure Required:
·Degree in a computer, statistics, informatics or related Health Services required,
·At least 2 years of Data Management experience
·Previous experience as RN or pharmacist a plus or Master’s preparation in healthcare related science (i.e public health)
·Health Data Analyst (CHDA) certification preferred or acquired within 12 months employment
·Knowledge of standards such as IHE, HL7 CDA and classification systems and vocabularies and nomenclature such as ICD, CPT, HCPCS, LOINC, SNOMED-CT, NDC and RxNorm
·Database Maintenance experience (i.e. Excel, Access, SPSS or SAS)
·Working knowledge of programming languageswith prior experience in SQL/PL-SQL, SAS, SPSS preferred
·Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Word
·Previous Lean Six Sigma experience and certification preferred...
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