Principle Reliability Engineer | Philips US

Job Details:
The Philips Hospital Respiratory Care business has three location s in the United States. Our products include invasive and noninvasive hospital ventilators, patient interfaces, sensors , and monitoring equipment. We believe that by understanding our customers’ problems we can ease the discomfort of ventilation by providing innovative solutions to improve the patient- ventilator experience, permit speech , and speed liberation. These technological breakthroughs allow the clinician to concentrate more on the patient and less on the device.
Your challenge:
As Principle Reliability Engineer, you will focus primarily on Design for Reliability for new product development for our next generation respiratory ventilation products. The secondary focus will be on respiratory ventilators models in current production. You will define the integral reliability, verification and validation architecture for a complex system and will manage reliability, test and verification & validation activities in the underlying major system- development projects throughout the product life-cycle. You will be working cross- functionally with Development, Manufacturing, Documentation Control, Regulatory Affairs, Quality and other teams to effectively provide the correct test protocols and results and provide appropriate feedback to Development so that the product will reach its reliability objective. You will be expected to keep abreast of technical developments in your own field through literature, technical contacts, and industry competition.
Your responsibilities:
*. Lead the development of Reliability/Te st Plans for New Product Innovation and installed base products that documents tasks, methods, tools, tests, and analyses that are required for product success.
*. Work with new product development teams to develop reliability requirement s, establish a reliability/tes t program and perform appropriate analyses to ensure that new products meets all of the reliability targets.
· Create test procedures and define testing environments based on analysis of specifications and reliability, conduct testing, acquire data and analyze reliability problems and determine the measures needed to meet the reliability and compliance goals for the product.
*. Functional lead in product design and reliability reviews during new product development to ensure robustness of product design and manufacturi ng processes
*. Drive the Design for Reliability initiatives by generating Reliability plans, requirement s, metrics, usage models, DFMEA, derating analyses, Factor of Safety (FOS) analyses, reliability allocation and Prediction models etc...
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