Nutrition Program Coordinator - Life Time Scottsdale, AZ, US

Job Details:
As a Nutrition Program Coordinator with Life Time Training, you will assist our members by educating, delivering, and connecting them to our industry leading strategy of the Core 3. The power of Core 3 is our unmatched ability to address all areas of our members’ health and fitness needs to achieve optimal results. As a team member of the Life Time Training division, you are able to advance your career in the fitness industry by providing your expertise and gaining experience in the following areas:
KNOW IT- Comprehensive Assessments
Education, testing, and technology to help our members’ know how their unique bodies work.
(Examples: Lab Testing, Metabolic Assessments, Devices, Activity Monitors, myHealthScore)
NOURISH IT- Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle
Professional advice, products and strategies to fuel and enrich our members’ healthy way of life.
(Examples: Nutrition Coaching, Nutritional Products, Supplements, Registered Dietitians)
MOVE IT- Customized Workouts
Activities, events, and programs to keep our members’ engaged in healthy and entertaining ways.
(Examples: Private Training, Weight Loss, Metabolic Coaching, TEAM Classes, Pilates)
Duties & Responsibilities
•Ensures safe, comprehensive, empowering, and professional Nutrition Coaching programs
•Coordinates seminars, group nutrition, and fitness events for members
•Connects with our members through nutritional product sampling booths, hosting complimentary nutrition seminars, and/or conducting nutritional consultations
•Coordinating programs and services like Nutrition Coaching, Grocery Store Tours and/or Healthy Living Classes
•Promotes and sells all nutritional products, services, and Life Time Training Initiatives (90Day Challenge, Alpha events, Black Friday offers, etc.)
•Provides support on the monthly regional conference calls to increase awareness and participation
•Completes and submits a monthly business review to the PTDH and Regional Nutrition Lead
•Facilitates in leadership and Active Coaching Discussions
•Hosts educational/development sessions for on-boarding new trainers
•Complies with all company safety rules
Education & Experience
•Four year college degree in Nutrition, Dietetics, Kinesiology, Exercise Science or related field preferred
•3 months or greater tenure with Life Time Training as a Nutrition Coach AND 3 month trailing average KPI’s
•Minimum of one client success story submission to myStory or Life
•Outpatient Nutrition counseling experience within the fitness industry preferred..
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