Marketing Assistant (40271) | Geosyntec Consultants Knoxville, TN, US

Job Details:
Geosyntec is seeking a highly motivated marketing assistant to perform marketing support activities including marketing infrastructure and proposal support, the development and production of marketing documents, and the preparation and assembly of written and visual information for presentations. The position may be located in Geosyntec’s Charlotte, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Greenville, SC; or Knoxville, TN office.
Responsibilities Will Include, But Are Not Limited To
Job Responsibilities
*. Assist with the preparation and drafting of content for SOQs/proposal, letters of interest, and responses to inquiries including typing, editing, basic graphics, reproduction, binding, and mailing, to ensure that all RFQ/RFP criteria are met;
*. Assist marketing staff with maintenance of information systems (e.g. client files, resumes and project description files, mailing lists, etc.);
*. Routinely verify and update professional staff resumes;
*. Maintain project descriptions;
*. Assist in refining the proposal development/prod uction process to improve efficiency and quality control within the organization;
*. Assist in special events planning (e.g. industry conferences and trade shows, practice group conferences, receptions, open houses, etc.); and
*. Create informational graphics that communicate and simplify the understanding of complex regulatory, institutional, and scientific processes.
Preferred candidates will hold a Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, journalism or related field and two (2) to three (3) years of marketing/communi cations work experience, preferably in the architectural, engineering, or environmental consulting industry; or equivalent combination of experience, education and training that provides required knowledge, skills and abilities.
Other Requirements Include
*. Advanced level computer skills in MS Word, InDesign, Adobe CS; and strong graphic design skills desired;
*. Detail- orientation skills are required;
*. Ability to prepare professional material for inclusion in corresponde nce, collateral marketing materials, and presentation s conforming to prescribed style and format;
*. Ability to demonstrate writing skills, including the ability to craft a story in a persuasive manner; and
*. Ability to communicat e with internal and external clients on general marketing and business topics...
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