Manufacturing Technical Supervisor | Intel Chengdu, China

Job Details:
Job Description: Responsible for supervising the activities of product teams or staff in a manufacturing area. Assesses personnel and material levels to determine production schedules. Assigns personnel and monitors the flow of work in process through the manufacturing facility. Higher job levels establish operating policies and procedures, coordination of multiple functions within a manufacturing facility, establishing strategic plans to ensure production schedules are met within established quality and cost objectives. Responsible for overall safety of personnel, company assets, and the surrounding environment. Plans and schedules daily tasks, uses judgement on a variety of problems requiring deviation from standard practices. Inadequacies and erroneous decisions would cause moderate inconvenience and expense.
-The candidate should hold a bachelor or above degree of engineering
-Good communication skills at both verbal/written English and Mandarin.
-Good interpersonal and some stakeholder management skills is demonstrated.
-Good problem solving skills and pay attention to details.
-Experience/internship in working in a high volume factory is preferred...
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