Logistics Manager | Bingo Global for Trading & Supplies SAE Egypt

Job Details:
To manage the process of importing the products, storing them and keeping track of inventory levels in addition to the final step of distributing the products to retailers.
To make sure that the end product reach the right place, at the right time, for the right cost and in a right condition.
1. Participates in BINGO yearly strategic objectives setting meeting to discuss and develop the company's strategic direction.
2. Sets and approves the yearly logistics objectives and performance measures, cascades them down, and ensure alignment with the company’s yearly objectives. Monitors the timely implementation of initiatives and presents periodic reports regarding performance against set standards and recommends the necessary actions.
3. Prepares the policies and procedures manual to the fleet function, submits to the CEO to review and approve. Monitors their ongoing implementation and compliance. Incorporates all changes upon their occurrence, and ensures clear communication of those changes to his direct reports.
Job Description
Supply Chain Sr. Manager Date Prepared: November 2015
4. Leads the planning process and works collaboratively with the Sales and Marketing teams to enhance forecasting accuracy and ensure alignment between demand and fulfillment levels.
5. Executes local and foreign purchases, in accordance to Marketing Department and/or the CEO, within the agreed quality standards and while ensuring proper process documentation throughout the related transactions and correspondences.
6. Ensures credit compliance with the suppliers to maintain creditworthiness with the client as well as striking a balance with BINGO cash management policies.
7. Leads and directs the optimization of storage processes in the warehouses, and recommends the necessary procedures to increase the warehouses efficiency. Ensures the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data and undertakes the necessary actions to correct variances (if any).
8. Approves the most efficient daily journey plan for each vehicle according to the Sales plan submitted by the Sales team, and work on eliminating the zigzag coverage unless needed.
9. Maintains effective coordination with the Sales to ensure that all Sales orders are delivered on time and without any damages.
10. Ensures seamless and consistent customs clearance procedures without any obstacles according to local laws and systems.
11. Initiates training and development needs for his team resulting from performance assessment results, and technical training needs serving their functions.
12. Conducts performance appraisal sessions for his direct report in due time. Reviews and approves the performance appraisals conducted by his first liners for their subordinates, ensuring a timely, efficient and objective Performance Management process..
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